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Gracefully going from victim to survivor to servant leader in the heartland

depression, anxiety, PTSD, sexual assault

What a perfect day, October 19th, 2014 was turning out to be. Such a glorious fall day. My perfect weather, really. A crisp, sunny fall day in the Nation’s capital. A day where my friends & I had a great, lively walk through the colorful leaves. So full of life that I was almost skipping! Can life get much better than this? Living in a vibrant city, working my dream job & being with amazing friends. I was really on top of the world.

That morning I drove into the city and met up with friends for an uplifting church service where youth talked about their path of faith. We ended the beautiful church service with How Great Thou Art.  So much joy!

Next, it was time to go out for brunch with even more friends. If you know anything about DC, it is that brunch is practically a religion there. So, a group of about 10 of us met up to celebrate a friend being in town while enjoying brunch & sipping on margarita’s. After awhile we decided that it was time to leave and enjoy a beautiful walk to the neighborhood bar. Several of my friends are regulars at this bar, so we knew we would be taken care of. Arrived at the bar after that glorious walk and we decided to get a round of drinks, followed by another one that I paid for. I tried paying with a card, but it was cash only, so had to go and get cash. Came back, got the drinks & passed them out to my friends. A lifting of the glasses, “Cheers!”.

That ‘cheers’ is the last thing I remember from that day. I guess there were a couple more drinks & there was a group photo taken and I’m smiling brightly. Once we all decided to leave, my friends asked if I was okay and I guess I said that I was fine to go home. Besides, I said, “I have lots of work to do yet tonight.” Spoken like a true workaholic. I’m blacked out & I’m still thinking about work.

The last text message I sent was asking a friend what was the name of the church we went too since I parked near there.  The best I can piece together from varying accounts is that I ended up not knowing where I was at and somewhat stumbling around when a man approached me asking if I needed help. I must have said yes, because I faintly remember being in a car with my head leaning against the window. Next, I remember walking on a sidewalk with a man shorter than me and scuffing my shoes. Finally, I remember having my apartment keys out and trying to open a door. We were both laughing.  Guess what? It wasn’t my door or apartment. Not even close.


The song I keep on going back to since Day 1:

One thought on “Day 1

  1. Kathy says:

    Faith in the Lord is a powerful healer. Prayers!


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